Tue, Aug 20, 2019 3:03

World Mosquito Day 2019: Plants that help ward off the insects


Today is World Mosquito Day, which is observed every year on August 20

Mosquitoes don’t have it easy. With so much malice in human hearts for the world’s most dangerous predator that can lead to diseases like malaria and dengue, they probably don’t even get to celebrate a day designated to them. Human contempt for the species goes as far back as 1897, when Sir Ronald Ross — a British medical doctor — discovered the link between mosquitoes and malaria transmission. Now, more than a century later, we are learning of newer, more innovative ways of keeping the insects away.

On this World Mosquito Day, which is observed every year on August 20, here are eight important plants that you can have at your house to guard yourself from the deadly insects:


Not only of culinary importance, basil leaves are most capable of keeping mosquitoes at bay. Gardeners often, and highly, favour the herb because of its strong scent that deter mosquitoes.

Lemon balm

Unlike humans, mosquitoes are not a fan of the lemony fragrance. Which is why, it is most apposite to have this natural mosquito-repellent in your garden. Though, remember to grow it in a pot, as it has a tendency to take over other plants.


The cat may be a fan, the mosquito is certainly not. According to studies, the plant has an essential oil known as nepetalactone, which is more effective than bug sprays.


Also known as mosquito plant, pennyroyal is so potent that too much of its oil can be harmful for both humans and animals. It has to be grown carefully, but rest assured, it is an extremely-effective plant when it comes to repelling mosquitoes.


Did you know that most outdoor candles are made using its oil, because it is most favoured when it comes to warding off the pesky parasites. You can plant the grass near other mosquito-repelling plants for optimum use.


This beautiful flower is one that is most detested by mosquitoes. They dislike the calming fragrance emanating from the flowers.


Appealing to the human eyes and nose, these flowers make mosquitoes uncomfortable. They can be potted near windows and doorways.


The pungent smell of garlic drives away humans, animals and mosquitoes alike. You can literally consume some, and your blood will taste funny to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes want nothing to do with garlic. You can, therefore, plant them in abundance in your garden.