Thu, Jul 18, 2019 6:06

3 ways to look younger with makeup


Most women make the mistake of using excess products to hide their flaws. Every girl experiments with makeup until she is of a certain age. She goes all out with her foundation, daring eye makeup and experimental pouts.

However, when she starts to notice wrinkles, eye bags and fine lines on her face, it becomes extremely essential to apply the right amount of cosmetics in order to keep the skin looking healthy, fresh and glowing. Most women make the mistake of using excess products to hide their flaws. And, this is where the makeup police must step in! While each of us yearns to age gracefully, there are a few tips that will help one to look younger as they grow older. Here is a list of the three main steps to follow religiously.

For the eyes: Shove away the shimmer

When you start noticing lines around your eyes as you age, get rid of frosted or shimmery eye shadows. The sparkling effect emphasis on your wrinkles and makes the skin more haggard and crinkly looking. Instead, make use of matte colors that easily blend into your skin and hide the fine lines. Tones of champagne and peach should be your go-to ones because they create a fuller and more youthful eye. They also hide the puffiness around your eyelids and add depth.

For the lips: Get back the gloss

Lips get thinner and drier with age. Dark lip liner and matte lipstick draw attention to the fine lines around your lips. Lipstick usually stays on longer than gloss. Hence, it is important to apply a lipstick and then top it up with gloss for a fresher and younger look. Make sure to moisturise your lips first!

For the face: Find the right foundation

While it’s surely tempting to go crazy on the concealer and foundation, this will create problems for you. This is because hard coverage will accentuate your wrinkles, eye bags and the fine lines on your forehead. Cakey makeup will not hide the dark circles or blemishes. Ideally, keep your foundation on the lighter side and use a damp sponge or synthetic brush instead of your fingers.

Take cue and prove that age is just a number!