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Wonders of rice water for skin and hair


Rice water is known to be a natural cleansing option that also has numerous other benefits.

Rice water is known to be a natural cleansing option that also has numerous other benefits. Made with just rice and water where the rice has either been boiled or soaked, rice water is known to help one achieve better-looking and tighter skin without being dependent on harsh chemicals, and that too at no extra cost.

Around 16 percent of these are proteins, the building blocks which are essential to cell health. Triglycerides and lipids each make up 10 per cent of the rice water composition while starch (an extract still used in Japanese cosmetics), is present at 9 per cent. Carbohydrates, inositol, phytic acid and inorganic substances are other components of rice water.

Boiling rice, soaking rice, or fermenting soaked rice water are three ways in which rice water can be prepared and used. The type you pick depends on the availability of time and at which consistency you want to use the rice water.

Soaking method

*Take half cup of uncooked rice and rinse thoroughly.

*Place the rice in a bowl with two–three cups of water. Leave to soak for 30 minutes.

*Strain the rice water into a clean bowl or bottle.

Boiling method

Cover half cup of rice with double the water typically used for cooking. Cook the rice in boiling water and strain the rice water into a clean bowl or bottle before use.

Fermented rice water

Leave the rice water to stand at room temperature for up to 12 hours before straining – allowing it to ferment. Strain the rice water into a clean bowl or bottle before use.

how to use it –

*As boiling the rice will create a concentrated batch of rice water which is stronger, one needs to mix it with clean water when using it.

*Rice water by soaking is the easiest of the lot. However, since it’s not concentrated, one may run out of it faster.

*Fermenting the rice water takes the most time but the process of fermentation brings out more vitamins and nutrients.

Note: Rice water could be kept in the refrigerator for up to five to seven days.

Benefits for skin

Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, rice water contains the nourishing antioxidant ferulic acid, as well as allantoin, an organic compound that helps soothe skin. It is also known to heal skin irritation caused by sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), an ingredient found in many personal care products. Anecdotal evidence has shown that using rice water twice a day helps skin that has been damaged by SLS.

Facial cleanser

For a softer and more radiant looking skin, just pour some rice water onto a cotton pad and dab it on your face. Let your skin air dry for a few minutes. Use it every day as part of your skin care routine, or a couple of times a week. This helps provide a boost of vitamins and minerals to the skin.

Facial toner

Just pour some rice water onto a cotton pad and apply to the face. It helps tighten skin and minimise pores, keeping your skin smooth and bright.

Good for acne

The soothing effect of rice water makes it a great treatment for acne. While acting as an astringent, it helps reduce redness and helps prevent future breakouts.

Soothes sunburns

Rice water can help reduce inflammation and redness in case of sunburn. To make it extra soothing, take your rice water out of the fridge and apply it to sunburn immediately, using a cotton pad.

Benefits for the hair

Rinsing your hair with rice water can add shine to your hair and help keep it strong and healthy. All you have to do is pour rice water over your hair after shampooing and conditioning and then gently massaging it into your scalp and hair, followed by rinsing with water.

Works to untangle frizzy hair and balance pH level of the scalp