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Thu, Mar 14, 2019 7:07

3 young actors in Dipu's drama


SN Joni, Shahtaj and Shishir Ahmed worked together in Dipu Hazra's a play titled 'Firey Elam'.

SN Joni, Shahtaj and Shishir Ahmed worked together in Dipu Hazra's a play titled 'Firey Elam'.

Dipu Hazra is now staying outside the country for the shooting of several numbers of works.  

Before leaving the country he finished shooting of the play 'Firey Elam'. 

The two-day shooting of the play was done in the capital's Uttara area recently. 

Ahsanul Haque Minu also acted in an important role in the play which will be aired soon in any satellite channel. 

While talking about acting in the play Joni told this correspondent, "Viewers will find me in a new way in the story of the play. I, Shahtaj and Shishir tried to portray our roles properly during the shooting of the play. Dipu Bhai has made a nice play. I am very much optimistic about the play." 

Shishir said, "This play was a challenge for me. I give thanks to Dipu Bhai to cast me in this play."

Shahtaj shared her feelings by this way, "I have liked the story of the play so I agreed to work. Now I have concentrated more in acting."