Sat, Mar 02, 2019 5:05

Maces's discussion session to create foreign education opportunities


Maliha Rahanaj finished high school and wanted to go abroad for higher education. But she could not understand how to start or which university would be the best based on the subject. However, Maliha was later admitted to the University of Nottingham in London. But at the time, the help of Bangladesh's Educational Consultancy, promoted by the country's prominent Educational Consultancy Company Maces. As a result, Maliha didn’t face any trouble for higher education. Many such students like Maliha are studying with the help of Educational Consultancy firm Maces, among the major universities outside the country.

Friday, March 1, a discussion session held by the Maces at The Daily Star Center where renowned journalists of the country and online media journalists were present. On behalf of the Queen Mary University of London, Lee Wildman, Head of International Student Recruitment Department, and Emma Winter, manager of South Asia's International Relations Division, from the University of Nottingham, was present as the original speaker in the discussion.

Apart from taking help from Maces, some students who are studying in various renowned universities outside the country were also present and shared their experiences with everyone.

On the discussion, the discussant said this arrangement was to be arranged for the student of Bangladeshi students those who are interested to study abroad. They also added, "Currently 90 students of Bangladesh are studying at the University of Queen Mary and 40 people studying at Nottingham University. The number of Bangladeshi alumni students is also more than a thousand, they said.

On behalf of Maces, the Organizing organization’s Managing Partner, MrRouhamManzoor thanked everyone for their valuable presence, He also added that since 2007, till now, Maces helped more than 3,000 students to study more than 50 universities in 6 countries.