Mon, Sep 30, 2019 4:04

Tahsan-Mithila released a new song!


Tahsan-Mithila released a new music video.   

Tahsan-Mithila, once the most discussed couple in showbiz. But they got separated in 2017 ending their 11 years of marriage. Though they got separated, the relationship between the two is still intact. The former couple recently spent time in New York with their only daughter, Ira Tahrim Khan. They did not work together after the separation. But this time, Tahsan-Mithila released a new music video.   

G-Series’s YouTube channel released the song titled ‘Onubhuti’ - sung by them- on Sunday. Fs Nayeem and Shabnam Faria, two popular faces of the small screen are seen as the models in the music video.

So is this a new surprise for Tahsan- Mithila fans? No, not at all. It is known that the lyric video of the song was released about three years ago. And now, the song’s music video has come. The ‘Onubhuti’ was from Tahsan’s ‘Icche’ album, written by Torun Munshi. Tahsan himself composed the lyrics and music. The song was used in ‘Polatok Somoy Othoba Tumi’ drama, directed by Mehedi Hasan Jonny.