Sat, Sep 21, 2019 6:06

Unforgettable “Geet” from Jab We Met


what was it about Geet that struck a chord and resonated with a generation of cinephiles?

When Jab We Met released in 2007, every girl thought there was a little Geet Dhillon in her. Played by Kareena Kapoor Khan, she was the firecracker who lived in her dreamland and walked to her own beat. She might come across as the fiery ‘Sikhni of Bhatinda’ but there was something vulnerable about her too.

So what was it about Geet that struck a chord and resonated with a generation of cinephiles?

Geet broke into the film declaring her record of never missing a train. Only soon we see her real journey begin when she misses one for the first time. She was careless, yet she cared even for strangers. So when Aditya least needed her help, she pounced to offer some.

Geet’s dialogue “Main apni favourite hoon” taught us that self-love was not always bad. She loved to speak her heart out, even if no one seemed to be listening!

Geet Dhillon was nothing like the women we had seen in our films for the longest time. She arrived just when female characters were trying to break free from just being the glam quotient in films. She was like a storm that smashed whatever came in her way.

Alongside Geet, came other female characters the same year in films like Om Shanti Om, Welcome and Partner, all of them glossy parts. Even those in Chak De India and Bhool Bhulaiyaa needed a Kabir Khan and Dr Aditya Shrivastav to lend support to their trajectory. It was the other way round for Geet.

Geet made her own rules so that she can own up her mistakes too. She refused to settle for a compromise in love. When life actually falls back on her, she doesn’t curse anyone but herself. And when it comes to take a decision she chose the right person and love of her life.

Director Imtiaz Ali is known to weave very strong women characters in all his films. And Geet is his best-created gem.